Custom Fan & Blower

Hengtong Blower has rich experience in customized designing and manufacturing in heavy duty blower fan system. The performance of customized blower fan is more consistent with client’s actual needs, with higher operating efficiency, smaller redundant power, maximum help the customer to reduce energy consumption, lower operating cost. We can customized design blower fan according to air flow, pressure, temperature, dust loading, gas component and other parameters provided by customer, fully meet customer’s requirements. Custom heavy fan is typically used for key equipment or key technology of high reliability requirements. Therefore, we will carefully calculated and strictly check every component of the multiple design customized heavy machine, customized large blower is always the key products, will be made by our quality control and inspection department. Our production department will also be customized heavy blower in priority, to ensure customer's project can be completed on time. In order to facilitate transportation, large fan will be reasonably disassembled and placed in a container reasonably, to help customers to save transportation costs. In order to keep the fan system installation smoothly, there will be a clear sign of each disassembled part. According to our customers can correct and rapid installation guide, even if is the first time to install the fan of the workers.

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