Pressure Fan

Hengtong Blower’S high pressure fans’ impeller design all adopt forward or radial, although the thickness of the impeller is very small, but its structural strength is very high, has the good operation safety. The high pressure fans air inlet size is relatively small and its inner space is also very narrow, the blades are very long and narrow, which improves the flow velocity very fast when the air get in the fan, and flows toward to the outlet with high speed, producing strong suction at the air inlet and outputting strong pressure at the air outlet. Hengtong Blower’S high pressure fans are with higher speed compared to other series of fans, it is part of high speed fan, In order to keep the fan system operate reliably, we use stronger shaft produced by the high strength metal materials and high quality bearing that can bear high speed. Under normal conditions, high pressure fan is not recommended for serious wear of the working environment, but can be designed by using anticorrosive coating, special material, spraying alloy coating to resist corrosive working environment and prolong the service life of the impeller, reduce downtime and maintenance costs. After production, the high pressure fans’ impellers will be balanced by more strict high standard dynamic balance correction, impeller with larger diameter will be treated by annealing processing, the stability of the operation is very good. Hengtong Blower’s high pressure fans the most widely used fan series in industrial field: chain grate boiler forced draught and induced draught ,biomass fuel boiler circulating fluidized bed boiler ,cement production line grate cooler cooling , cement mill, coal mill and other large mill system, air pollution control equipment, forced ventilation, material drying or cooling ,garbage incinerator , coal-fired boiler system, industrial boiler primary fan , secondary fan, forced cooling and heat dissipation, dust collection system and air filtration system, Flue gas desulfurization , sintering (sintering), conveying and boosting of the coal gas, industrial waste heat recovery unit, blast furnace combustion, air draught for smelting blast furnace and casting furnace, the blast furnace coal injection, coke production (coke oven), industrial waste gas recovery, industrial equipment pressurization or boost sealing , etc.

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