Medium Pressure Fan

Hengtong BLOWER’s middle pressure fans, can simultaneously meet the requirements of high pressure performance, large capacity ,and has the characteristics of high efficiency, low noise, which possess wide performance range. Hengtong BLOWER’s middle pressure fan can be used for high temperature clean gas ,conveying the normal temperature , corrosive gas, combustible gas, dusty gas, powder or fiber material, granular material , etc. Hengtong BLOWER’s is the most widely used fan series in industrial field,typical applications are: cement mill, coal mill , air filtration system and dust collection system , forced ventilation, air pollution control equipment, material drying, flue gas desulfurization and denitration, forced cooling and heat dissipation, boiler system/kiln system/incinerator system induced draft and forced draft, industrial boiler primary air/secondary air, etc ,and ventilation for all kinds of large mill system, industrial waste heat recovery unit, mineral sintering , coke production (coke oven), industrial waste gas recovery, industrial equipment pressurization or decompression sealing, etc. We can according to the change of the users of different operating conditions, through the pressure of medium material, conversion of medium corrosion resistance, wear resistance of explosion-proof pressure fan performance.

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