Power generation

Hengtong Blower provides a variety of air handling products that meet the requirements of the power generation industry. Whether used for induced draft fan, forced draft fan, primary air fan, and secondary fan of industrial boiler system , desulfuration fan, denitration fan of gas purification system, exhausting fan, or used for dust removing fan, Hengtong Blower has provided lots of fan systems with reliable performance, stable operation for our customers in power generation industry. We provide fans that supply, exhaust, contain, or cool airstreams within various applications. From industrial boilers systems and specialty cooling applications to dust collection systems, our pre-engineered and custom heavy duty fans are designed by engineers with power generation applications in mind.

Hengtong Blower can provide different fuel generate electricity boiler system with biomass fuel power fan, garbage incineration power fan ,coal-fired electricity fan and other thermal power fans. For heavy duty fan system that used in power generation, our engineers will provide our customers with high quality custom design services.

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