Gas delivery & Material handling

Hengtong Blower offers an extensive equipment for chippings, fiber, lighter powder, granule, or heavier mineral powder, coal powder, clinker conveying etc. Depending on the particle size and density, fans are used to move materials through a system. Hengtong Blower can provide you suitable fans that can convey materials reliably and continuously for your industry system, solving your big problems of corrosion and abrasion, stand up to even the harshest of environments.

In the aspect of gas conveying , Hengtong Blower fans can convey clean air, high temperature gas, combustible gas, dirty air mixed with impurity, gas mixed with sticky material, corrosive gas. Hengtong Blower often conveys these gas, we have mature solutions and rich experiences to satisfy your requirements.

Hengtong Blower designs and manufactures a wide array of gas delivery fan and material handing fan including : Granary conveying fan, Gas conveying fan, Wear resistance fan, Clinker conveying fan, Coal powder conveying fan, Corrosion resistant fan, high temperature fan, Mineral powder conveying fan.

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