Air pollution control & Dust collection

Hengtong Blower ’s high quality pre-engineered and custom heavy duty fans offer the Air pollution control and Dust collection that is needed in air pollution control systems. Our fans are designed to collect the high temperature and corrosive gas even contaminated air. either contain or remove the contaminants from the environment. Hengtong Blower ’s highly efficient and customizable air handling products meet the latest requirements of the air pollution control industry.

Our design the Flue gas desulfurization fan, Abrasion fan,Dust collection fan and corrosion resistant fan for denitration system, gas desulfurization system, dust collecting system, in addition to provide adequate performance, the impeller, shaft, and casing of fan will be enhanced wear and corrosion resistance, extend the working life more than 3 times, helping the customer to save the cost of use and maintenance.

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