XHT-250C Centrifugal Blowers

XHT-250C Centrifugal Blowers

  • Impeller diameter: 400-3300mm
  • Speed of main shaft: ≤4000rpm
  • Pressure range: 684-8687Pa
  • Flow range: 590.4-700735m3/h

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XHT-250C centrifugal fan be used in conveying various common gas and hard materials in circulating fluidized bed(CFB)system, Fume exhaust, materials drying, industrial dust collector /filter system, flue gas desulfurization, flue gas denitration, industrial boiler blowing air, cement production line, industrial waste heat recovery device, mineral sintering (sintering), coke production (coke oven), etc, especially suitable for high temperature, wear, corrosion and other poor working conditions. enhanced type of XHT-250 medium pressure centrifugal fan, output more air flow than XHT-250.
1. Annealing treatment of impeller completely eliminate structure of internal stress when welding, ensuring impeller appearance won’t occur deformation and flaw. Can output higher discharge pressure, in the same time provide larger air flow volume, low noise. Can work in high temperature condition stably. Can work stably under high temperature conditions .
2.We provide motor Slide rail for tensioning the belt easily, reducing the energy loss caused by belt slack. Can adjust fan speed by matching different diameter of belt pulley, making the fan running in the peak efficiency, reducing energy waste.
3. Bearing housing reserves installation place for temperature and vibration sensors, can install easily of fan running monitoring device. Bearing housing adopt labyrinth mechanical seal, unique design of spill prevention of inner, venthole is designed on top, commissure is coated with sealing grease, completely eliminate bearing housing oil leak.
4. Use liquid lubricating oil, no need to open bearing housing when changing or filling lubricating oil. Easy to observe the lubricating oil’s quality and stock through inspection window on the bearing housing body.
5.Running test and vibration value test for fans are done after finishing manufacturing, ensuring reliable running. Impeller passed high standard dynamic balancing, ensuring stable running of fan.

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