Centrifugal fans

XHT-170E Centrifugal Fans

  • Impeller diameter: 400-1600mm
  • Speed of main shaft: ≤3000rpm
  • Pressure range: 720-6531Pa
  • Flow range: 1966-194495
  • m3/h:

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XTH-170E series centrifugal fan are Common applications includes building ventilating, mine ventilating, tunnel ventilating, materials ventilating and drying, cooling and heat dissipation. Mainly used for conveying the clean air at normal temperature, the pressure is low, but air flow output is very large.
1. On the condition of meeting the pressure requirements, can output larger air flow volume, low noise.
2. V belt drive can make your fan running under the most appropriate speed.
3. Air flow channel and impeller have been optimized many times, fan’s efficiency is higher than ordinary fans, higher energy efficiency.
4. Adopting high quality carbon steel manufacturing, or stainless steel and other metal materials according to customers’ requirements.
5. Impeller of annealing treatment, completely eliminating structure of internal stress when welding, ensuring impeller appearance won’t occur creepage and flaw.
6. Running test and vibration value test for fans after finishing manufacturing, ensuring running reliably.
7. Easy for installation, no need of professionals’ direction.

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