Industrial boiler

Industrial boiler is one of the most popular application areas for Hengtong Blower ‘s products. According to different applications, Hengtong Blower can provide full sets of blower fan products, can meet under 130T of waste incineration boiler, biomass boiler, coal fired boiler, and other industrial boiler systems’ performance requirements. Hengtong blower is a leading provider of pre-engineering and heavy custom duty fans for boiler system.

Hengtong Blower( industrial boiler fan ) is available for sale to the user containing: Waste incineration boiler fan, Biomass fuel boiler fan, Coal-fired boiler fan, which is used in flue gas dust removing fan, flue gas desulfurization fan(FGD Fan), flue gas denitrification fan, industrial boiler forced draft fan (FD Fan), induced draft fan(ID Fan),as well as primary air fan(PA Fan), secondary air fan(SA Fan)and so on.

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