Blower fan

MHHT-450D Blower Fan

  • Impeller diameter: 400-3000mm
  • Speed of main shaft: ≤4000rpm
  • Pressure range: 542.3-9112Pa
  • Flow range: 884-321950m3/h

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 MHHT-450D type centrifugal fan is mainly used in Ventilating, materials drying, cooling and heat dissipation, air purification and industrial waste gas treatment, boiler air supply and exhaust, industrial waste heat recovery device, etc. ,with moderate pressure, low noise, power saving, is applicable to conveying normal air, high-temperature air, combustible gas and corrosive gas, Gas mixed with a little impurity, light Particle materials/ Powder materials/ Fragment materials/Fiber materials.
1.Can output higher discharge pressure, in the same time providing larger air flow volume, low noise. Can work in high temperature condition stably.Can flexibly adjust fan’s volume and pressure in running by air damper. Can also adjust fan’s pressure and volume by changing the fan speed via matching variable frequency motor.
2.Impeller passed high standard dynamic balancing, ensuring stable running of fan.
3. In the case of using system base, so easy for installation, no need of professional direction. Fitting tightly of parts, good sealing, ensuring no reducing of output pressure.
4. The motor load can be automatically reduced when airflow resistance is increasing, to prevent motor from destroying.
5. Customizing design according to customer’s performance requirements, and optimizing by CFD technology, energy consumption lower than same fans.
6. Running test and vibration value test for fans after finishing manufacturing, ensuring running reliably. Various optional components for your selection.

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